Read what our valued customers are saying about The Great Canadian Pet Food.

We were feeding our dogs a name brand food from the grocery store and they were doing OK. One day I went into the feed store and saw your food. Since we like to buy local and it has good ingredients I decided to give it a try. We have 3 farm dogs, so food pickiness ISN'T a problem. When I poured their first bowl of your food the dogs went crazy. It disappeared in an instant. It was like giving a kid candy. Since we have always offered free choice feed this was unusual for us. We switched to your brand . Our dogs LOVE it!

Over the holidays we ran out of dog food, and since the feed store was closed I had to buy their old food. All 3 dogs anxiously awaiting their food. They all sniffed the food, glared at me and then slowly walked away. They eventually ate it, begrudgingly.


Needless to say they were very happy when they got their food back!

Susan & Glenn Phillips

I feed my Labrador Maeve the Great Canadian 26-15 and she is thriving on it.  She is lean and muscular and her coat shines.

I give her 4 cups daily (2 in am 2 in pm) and she has a voracious appetite.  Also I am very impressed with the 26-15 blend.  My Newfie who is 5 had been very ill with multiple health and physical problems when I got her as a pup, and has had chronic stomach and bowel issues no matter what food I had tried even with Orijen and even with herbs and other interventions we still had stomach problems.  When I got Maeve I switched all the big dogs to 26-15 and within a month the Newfie was a changed dog and we have NEVER had stomach or bowel issues again!

Risa Adamson