Our Ingredient Philosophy...

   When we formulate feeds for farm animals we establish a performance level and then we determine the nutrition needed to achieve this performance level.    Computers enable us to formulate the diets based on the ingredients offered.    We have minimum levels that must be met and maximums that should not be exceeded.  The same applies to formulating foods for dogs and cats.    We establish the nutrition required and then the computer program determines the best combination of ingredients that enable us to meet the nutritional specifications.


    The pet food business is a very competitive business and companies are continually striving for advantages that make their products stand out.   Despite what companies might want you to believe, the nutrition is not complicated.   We are feeding dogs and cats that usually have minimal workloads.   In many cases the animals are overfed.

     In order for products to stand out companies continue to offer exotic ingredients sometimes coming from all over the world.    Many of these ingredients have no supporting research as to their effectiveness but they make a product stand out.  

     We have made the decision that this will not be the case in the Great Canadian line.   Our goal is to provide an excellent dog food, formulated to a high nutrition standard, and provide good value to our customer.   The diets are formulated by professional nutritionists with no compromise in the nutrition they provide.   In almost all cases the foods use ingredients sourced less then 100kms from our plant.   This is not the case with our Lamb and Rice formulation as the rice comes from the US and the lamb comes from New Zealand.  This product is in our line so that we have another option if there are sensitivities to ingredients in other products.

     We feel we have a responsibility to ensure that we provide good products that provide good value.   Many people have varying opinions on specific ingredients.  Some may be real but many are not.   We use only ingredients our nutritionists allow.   Quality or performance of a product is not related to individual ingredients.   It is the result of the nutrition of the finished product. 

     High quality dog foods can be produced from quality, locally sourced ingredients.