The Great Canadian Pet Food Company is committed to making pet food with exceptional levels of quality control and freshness.  We feel like we have a responsibility to provide excellent nutrition at a good value to our customers.  The indsutry is always looking for 'specialized' ingredients that make the tag look good but may not do anything for the dog or cat.


We keep our ingredients fresh by accessing only local suppliers (except for lamb meal) and by buying in smaller volumes.  Our suppliers are mostly from within 100 km of our manufacturing facilitiy making the product line 99.6% sourced from Ontario

Easy to Feed

Our products are dry and easily stored.  You measure out your required feeding and place it in your pets dish.  The Premium Canine food has a smaller sized kibble allowing it to be easier for puppies to digest


Minimal warehousing of both ingredients and finished product enhances palatability.  Pets love it!

No Artificial Ingredients

We use only natural flavouring agents and no artificial colouring.  It's complete and balanced nutrition.

Excellent Value

Our goal is outstanding nutrition, no 'bells or whistles,' no ingredient manipulation, and fresh product.  We believe in the importance of providing an excellent value pet food.  We focus on providing excellent nutrition on the inside and not what's on the outside of the bag.  The pet is the most important to us.

"The Great Canadian Dog Food" is formulated to meet the *AAFCO Nutrient Requirements for Growth, Maintenance and Reproduction

This also exceeds the NRC Nutrient Requirements for Dogs and Cats (2006)

*AAFCO Association of American Feed Control Officials Dog Food Nutrient Profiles (2016)